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1st Rents Property Maintenance Work Procedure



Please contact us as soon as you note any problems with the property and we will do our best to deal with any issues as quickly as possible. 

If it is an emergency we have various contractors in place that can help you very quickly.  Take a look at our Property Emergencies page.


We require photographs of the problem particularly if it is an emergency and also if it is less urgent this will enable us to assess what is the best action required.  Providing as many photographs as possible is best practice with a minimum of three photographs, which are to be forwarded to us via email.


The next part of the procedure is for us to organise contractors to view the problem they will also take photographs, which we have found is the best way to establish what to do and also provide us with quotes.  We will then review the quotes and make sure everyone is quoting not he same basis.


We will then get approval and allocate money for the work.


We will then appoint an appropriate building contractor.


The building contractor will then contact you via email and/or text or phone to agree a convenient date and time for the work to be carried out.


If there is a reason for you to cancel the appointment for the contractor to carry out the work please give us at least 3 days notice.  We will, of course, consider genuine emergencies but generally if you are not at the property on an agreed date and time we will then charge you for the contractors' time.


On completion of the work the contractor will forward to us photographs of the work carried out.


If you are unhappy with the work carried out then please take photographs of any areas of concern and email these to us advising of your particular issue.


If we do not receive an emailed communication regarding your concerns then we will assume that you are happy with the standard of the work and the way that the work has been carried out.



  Cyclical Maintenance 



Work that is carried out on an annual basis such as boiler maintenance, Surveyor property check, in some cases electric tests and where applicable where there are septic tanks these will be cleaned on an appropriate basis. 


We normally employ a contractor to carry out all of this work and it will be up to you to agree an appropriate date and time with the appropriate contractor.  We generally ask the contractors to use a three times policy i.e. they will contact you three times and if no response then your work will be placed on hold and we will await your call.






When you believe that improvements are required you will need to follow the above process of taking photographs and forwarding these to 1st Rents.

Please include a rationale as to why you believe improvement/s need to be made.