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We sometimes have clients / tenants that are concerned about dampness in a property. We have over the years generally found that dampness relates to:-

1. Lack of air circulation in the properties, for example opening the windows in the property to air the property.

2. Not using extract fans in the bathrooms and kitchens.

3. It can also relate to practices that cause condensation such as:-

     a.  drying washing on radiators

     b.  cooking without the extract fan on in the kitchen and not opening windows.

     c.- showering without the extract fan on and not opening windows.


 Action Required: Contact us if the situation does not improve.


Black Mould


We sometimes have clients /tenants advising us of black mould in a property. This is usually a sign of humid air carrying dust and skin particles to cold areas of the property such as empty rooms, corners of rooms between the wall and the ceiling and in corners of rooms between wall and wall. It can also be found in cupboards and sometimes on stair walls. 

 Ways to improve this are :-

1. Humidity is reduced as much as possible in the property by:-

    a. Airing the property and opening windows regularly.

    b. Using extract fans in bathrooms and kitchen as well as opening windows.

    c. Adding background heat to empty rooms and cellars etc.


Action Required: Contact us if the situation does not improve.




We sometimes have phone calls from clients / tenants advising us that there is condensation in the property. However over the years when we have investigated this we have usually found it is caused by the following:-


What does condensation look like?

This is where pools of water occurs on the surface of a wall, windows, sills etc. and also at lower levels particularly on ground floors.

1. Not opening the windows and airing the property on a regular basis, for example, airing the property every morning. 

2. Not using extract fans in kitchens and bathrooms and/or opening windows and humidity being created.

3. Practices carried out that cause humidity such as drying washing inside. We appreciate this can be difficult not to particularly in winter or rainy weather.

4. Use extract fans to reduce humidity.


Action Required: Contact us if the situation does not improve.