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Buildings Insurance claims




We have Buildings Insurance on all properties however this does not mean that any problem is necessarily a Building Insurance matter but when it is we have to go through the Building Insurance company. 



  Typical problems include:

  Storm damage

  Chimneys       Providing damage is not due to lack of maintenance if a chimney comes down in a storm it is often covered by Buildings Insurance.

Pantiles, slates, ridge tiles etc.  If these come away it is often an insurance claim, there can be additional damage for example slates falling onto nearby cars or cutting into flat roofs which need to be checked for too.

  Trees       Trees are generally not covered by storm damage insurance.
  Fences       Generally not covered by storm damage insurance.  Can be covered by storm damage insurance if knocked down by walls.
  Boundary walls       Usually are covered by storm damage insurance.



Caveat: All the above are of course subject to the Terms of the Insurance company and usually subject to the property being in a reasonable condition of maintenance.

   We would ask you to advise, as per your Tenancy Agreement requirements, of any maintenance issues that you know.