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Code of Conduct


Any contractor working within a property should treat the property with respect and also the occupier and any other contractors or suppliers they are working with /or for. This includes:-


1. No smoking 

Whether the property is occupied or unoccupied there is no smoking allowed within the property or the curtilege/boundary including the gardens of the property.


2. Protection of carpets/walls and interior decoration

Contractors should take appropriate measures to protect the property which could take the form of plastic sheeting, boarding or protective coverings to their outside footwear.


3. Rubbish

Contractors should remove all rubbish away from the site unless otherwise agreed. They need to make the occupier aware of any rubbish that they leave, particularly if there are specific requirements with regards to disposal. 


4. Disagreements / Complaints

Whoever the disagreement / complaint is about should first of all deal directly with them, if this is not deemed appropriate then a member of 1st Rents.