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Questions that a good landlord asks a good new tenant - worth thinking about and knowing the answers to

If you are looking to rent a property can you answer these questions?


A - Answers

We would like you to provide answers to the following and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


B – Benefits 

Are you on or do you expect to be on any form of benefits in the next twelve months?

Have you been on any benefits in the past?


C – Claims

Have you made any claims against your previous landlord in any form whatsoever.


C – Copies of Bank Statements

We would like to see copies of your past three months bank statements – can you bring these along to the viewing of the property?


D – Disputes

Have you had any disputes with your landlords during this time or been in arrears with payments or been served a Section 14 or 21 or 28 Notice?


G – Guarantor

A guarantor is usually required for a Tenancy Agreement, a guarantor is someone who owns his or her own house, which not only shows you have good character but also they agree to pay the rent should you not be able to.


H – History of where you have lived

Can you give a history of where you have lived for the past five to ten years? 


H – Hobbies

What are your hobbies?   Some hobbies are more suitable for our houses and homes than others and ask this of anyone that is going to be living in the property.


I – ID documents

We will need a copy of your Passport and Driving Licence or any other second form of identification with a photograph.


I – Income and work details

Can you provide details showing your monthly income and details of where you have worked and how long you have worked there?  Also similar details for anyone else that wishes to live in the property whether they are going to be on the Tenancy Agreement or not.


L – Length of Tenancy

Are you looking to stay in the property for six months or many years?  It does not matter which just we would like to have an idea of your future plans.


P – Pets

When is a pet not a pet?  People do keep all sorts of pets nowadays. We simply would like you to advise as to what you intend to keep and we will decide whether it is appropriate for the house and the area.  You will be required to pay a Tenants deposit with regard to any pets being kept. 


Q – Questions

Do you have any questions for us?


R – Reason for moving

What is the reason you are moving from your present accommodation?


R - References

We require references from your employer together with contact details such as phone number and email address and also details of your previous landlord or wherever you are currently staying.


R – Rent and Deposit

Do you have enough savings to pay the first months rent in advance and a deposit of between one and two months of the rent as well and any pet deposit if you wish to bring a pet?


R - Residency

Are you classed as a resident of the UK or immigrant to the UK and can you prove this with documentation that you can provide for us to see?


S – Social Media

Can we view your Facebook page and your Linkedin details if you have such accounts or similar?


T- Timescale

In what time scale are you looking to move? Next week? Next month? Or in the next few months?


V- Visits

If we ask can we come and see where you work and where you live at the moment would you be happy for us to do this?