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Health and Safety for Contractors



Any work carried out for 1st Rents or a person working for 1st Rents requires you to carry out a Health and Safety Risk Assessment.  


You will have usually visited the property prior to carrying out work and on return this time would require you to carry out work taking into account any Health and Safety risks.  If this has not been the case, such as emergency work, we would expect you to have Health and Safety procedures in place to minimise any likely risk together with training appropriate for any tools and equipment used.  

We assume, unless you state otherwise, any work you carry out quotes for or intend to invoice 1st Rents for or do invoice 1st Rents for that you have carried out appropriate Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

If any of the above is unclear and you would like to have further information regarding Health and Safety for Contractors please contact 1st Rents immediately via Email and phone.