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 Property Inspections


From time to time property inspections will be carried and you will be offered a choice of dates as to when these will be carried out or equally you can offer us a choice of three dates during the working week that you will be present. We can of course offer some flexibility within the times to meet but please note that we do not expect our staff to work early mornings, evenings or weekends as a matter of course so these times would need to by agreement.


The property inspection will be along the following lines. However we are forever looking to improve what we do so this will be varied and improved upon so this might not represent exactly what we will do on the day of our visit but we hope it helps towards you understanding what we are looking for.


 Our overall aim


Our overall aim is to insure you are living in a property to the standard that we expect and as set out in the terms of your agreement.


 What we will do during the inspection

1. We will view every room and make notes on the condition etc. and compare this to the condition it was rented in.

2. We may also the view outbuildings, garages, roof space and other non-inhabited spaces.

3. We will inspect gardens, driveways and access areas.


Your Questions

We will listen to your thoughts and concerns and answer any questions to the best of our ability. We suggest that you take some time to make notes and any questions you wish to ask us. We would draw your attention to our Frequently Asked Questions on this website or you contact us on the phone number at the top of the web page.

We would suggest you spend half to an hour viewing the website prior to our visit and you can then ask us any questions in relation to matters mentioned on the website or those you require further clarification on.


Who is to be present?

The tenants must be present during the course of the inspection and although we are happy to accommodate other occupants any questions must be via the tenant.


Marking System

Every room and every area of a property will be marked out of ten with five being an average score and the minimum we would expect a tenant to achieve. The Property Manager is an individual and will score as they see fit based upon their Knowledge and experience. We encourage them to give feedback as they are carrying out the procedure which you may or may not agree with but we nevertheless fell the feedback is the best way forward to achieve a clear and transparent process. 

Feedback will be in the form of an overall general feedback with any specific areas that need consideration, again you are free to agree or disagree with this. 


Frequency of Property Inspections

The Property Manager will, based upon their knowledge and experience will decide when the next property inspection should take place. The frequency of the inspections will be at the discretion of the property manager. 


Refusal of Property Inspection

You according to the terms of your tenancy agreement are required to give us reasonable access to the property. You are also required to report any items of damage or deterioration.


Third Inspection

Generally the need for a third inspection during a six month period will be charged for due to the property not being to typical standards as we see them. 


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