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Complaints Handling Process (CHP)


Should you have any complaints with regards to then firstly your complaint needs to be addressed directly to the person concerned. This can be either verbally or in writing. The complaint needs to come from the named tenant on the tenancy agreement, any sub-tenants can make complaints but it has to be via the tenant. The tenant must state that he/she agrees that they agree with the complaint and whether they were or were not present when the incident happened. We suggest that the complaint takes the following format:-


1. List the specific issue and the date and time it occurred

2. State why they are making the complaint

3. State their ideal solution

4. State any other information that they feel is relevant or related to the situation. 


If a response is not made within one month then a second letter/email should be forwarded to the person advising that they wish this to be made into a formal complaint and passed onto the appropriate person.